Young Parent Support Programme


Doras Bui Teen Parent Support Programme


The Young Parent Support Programme is part of the National Teen Parent Support Programme (YPSP).

As part of National Young Parent Support Programme (YPSP) supports pregnant or parenting young people, their families, young fathers and grandparents through the provision of targeted support services and guidance on topics such as: – Pregnancy and how to be a parent – Childcare – Money/Budgeting/Finance – Social welfare – Family concerns.

Doras Buí continues to use the Tusla Commissioning strategy 2019 – 2023 and toolkit, as a guideline for best practice. As documented in Better Outcomes, Brighter futures (2014).

The aim of this service is to support pregnant or parenting young people and their families through the provision of targeted support services. 

Doras Buí continues to “provide… both universal and targeted evidence-informed… parenting supports…. to strengthen families” (Tusla, 2019; p.2).

We also liaise with other agencies, therefore creating a multi-disciplinary approach to service users across the North Dublin area. We work with Northside partnership, Preparing for life, Kilmore west youth project, Discovery centre, the Salvation Army, New Communities Partnership, The Donaghies, and Mercy College, to name a few to ensure the YPSP meets the need of young parents and their children. 

The YPSP provides the following support and guidance:


  • pregnancy

  • Being a mum or dad

  • family concerns

  • relationships

  • school or college

  • employment or training options

  • financial support to stay in school

  • Money and social welfare – budgeting

  • sourcing accommodation – housing

  • childcare supports

  • advocating on behalf of young parents

  • services in the area

  • grandparents support

  • someone to talk to


How does the YPSP work?

A YPSP worker will meet with the pregnant or parenting young person at a location of their choice and explain the services that the YPSP provides. The YPSP worker will provide information and support according to the individual needs of the pregnant or parenting person.

The YPSP takes referrals from schools, GPs, health service professionals, social workers, families, and young people. We support young parents who are pregnant/parenting up to the age of 22 years of age.  The YPSP covers the catchment area of Dublin North County Dublin Area. 

Testimony: Nadine’s Story

“I was first introduced to Doras Buí when I was 16 years old.  I had just become a new mam and was returning to school to finish my leaving certificate.  My Home Economics teacher had told me that the centre was in Coolock and that I should contact them and link in with them.  I made contact with Anita at the time and will never forget the warmth and kindness she showed me.  She put me at ease and explained some of the services.

At that stage, I was in the process of applying for college and had no idea how I was going to go as I had no family support and had no childcare in place.  It seemed my dream of going to college to become a teacher was out of reach.  Anita then assured me that she could help me receive subsidised childcare in Doras Buí’s Creche.   During the next four years Doras Buí became a beacon of light in my life.         


My daughter was cared for by the most amazing ladies in the creche which gave me the freedom and space to pursue my studies.  When I was heading into my final year of studies, I encountered a challenge when social welfare decided that I was no longer entitled to rent allowance (now HAP) because I was in full time education.  This meant I faced the most tragic ultimatum: give up my home or give up my studies.  I had no other options.  I was devasted, I felt trapped in a cycle of poverty.  I only needed one more year to be able to provide for me and my daughter and to contribute to society and no longer have to rely on social welfare. 

Every door I knocked on for help or to appeal the decision I was told no.  I was possibly the only young mother in the country who was in the position I was in.  Again, Anita in the YPSP in Doras Buí , came to my rescue.  She wrote me support letters and contacted TD’s and eventually we took to the Minister of Social Protection at the time and received a letter  stating that I was safe to continue my studies and not lose my home.  On that moment, Anita handed me back the keys to my future.  On a personal level, Anita supported me on many occasions and was one of very kind and consistent supporters I had at that time in my life.

Fast forward 19 years and my daughter is all grown up and I am an English teacher and assistant year head in a school I absolutely love.  I have been lucky enough to support some of my own students who have become teen parents.

Recently I have reconnected with Doras Buí, and I look forward to working with them and possible some of the young mothers.  It is a real full circle moment for me.”



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