Teen Parent Support Project

Doras Bui Teen Parent Support

The Teen Parent Support Programme is part of a National Teen Parent Support Programme (TPSP). The aim of this service is to support pregnant or parenting teenagers and their families through the provision of targeted support services. 

The TPSP provide the following supports and guidance:

  • pregnancy
  • being a mum or dad
  • family concerns
  • relationships
  • school or college
  • employment or training options
  • financial supports to stay in school
  • Money and social welfare – budgeting
  • sourcing accommodation – housing
  • childcare supports
  • advocating on behalf of the young parent
  • services in the area
  • grandparents support
  • someone to talk to

How does the TPSP work?

A project worker will meet with the pregnant or parenting teen at a location of their choice and explain the services that the TPSP provide. The project worker will provide information and support according to the individual needs of the  pregnant or parenting teen.

The TPSP take referrals from schools, GPs, health service professionals, social workers, families and from the young person. We support parenting/pregnant teens from 13-19 years of age, at point of referral, and support them until they turn 22 years of age. The TPSP covers the catchment area of Dublin 3, 5, 9, 13,17, 

Contact: Adele O’Connor TPSP Project Worker

Telephone: 01-8484811 or Mobile: 086-786 0163

Email Address: adele.oconnor@dorasbui.ie 

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