Lone Parent Information and Support

Doras Bui Information & Support

At a time of personal change, planned or unplanned, a lack of information can cause stress and worry.

Trying to figure out how the social welfare system works, what family law services are available and whether you are entitled to a medical card can be complex and frustrating.

Our information and support staff are trained to offer you accurate information and support you to find your way throughout the various statutory services and systems. Between 9.00 am & 4:30pm Mondays to Fridays, a staff member is always available to see callers or to talk on the telephone. Information is provided on a wide range of topics including social welfare payments, family law issues, employment, parenting, health and others.  Staff are also available to advocate for you with local statutory services.

Contact Sarah Butler on reception by either dropping in or calling us on 01 8484811, or email sarah.butler@dorasbui.ie