Over the years, Doras Bui has been very successful in securing funds from Government Departments, statutory agencies and from businesses and private individuals for its work with disadvantaged one parent families.

However, since 2006 we have experienced a severe cut in statutory funding across all programmes while the demand for our services continues to grow particularly in light of the economic crisis.

Against this background, the need for donations from private companies and individuals is more urgent than ever.

We have recently set up a fundraising committee and Doras Bui staff and  participants have got involved in fundraising events such as bag backing in our local shopping centre to try raise much needed funds for the centre

We are looking for volunteers or ideas and our having a meeting on Thursday the 13th of November at 12pm if anyone would be interested in coming along.

Donations ‘in kind’ as well as money are most welcome.
If you would like to donate, please contact the Director on 01 8484811.


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