Child and Adult Counselling Funding Page

During Covid-19 lockdowns, many services were closed which left many vulnerable and isolated. Doras Buí has seen the increased need for our Adult and Child Counselling services due to its now increased waiting list for this service we provide. One of Doras Buí’s goals is to expand its Adult and Child Counselling services with additional hours. This will alleviate the long waiting list for both adult and child counselling services which since the pandemic has become high in demand.

fundraising for adult counselling at doras bui https://www.dorasbui.ieAs a non-profit organisation, our funds are limited.  We would like to expand our Adult and Child Services from part-time to full-time and with your help and generous donation we can achieve this. Our Adult and Child Counselling services is a free service here at Doras Buí as most of our one-parent families are on a low income and in much need of our services.


Mental health has become critical to individual well-being for social and economic participation. From the onset of Covid-19, it has become an increasingly important concern for Doras Buí.fundraising page image for child an adult counselling at

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on us all and on mental health issues for many different groups in society. It has increased the pressure on mental health services that were already strained. As a result, additional efforts and resources have been addressed within the parameters of Doras Buí’s services to support Mental Health & Wellbeing.